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Budget Changes Request Process – FY 2012-2013

Budget Change Request

budget change request is submitted by the claimant for either an increase or decrease in the amount of the approved annual site budget for FY 12/13. The budget change request form has been revised from last year’s form to accommodate both needs.

Request for Decreased Budget

The Fund requests claimants who do not need any or all of the annual site budget identified for their claim to submit a budget change request for a decrease in budget as soon as possible. Unused funds can be assigned to other claims if the Fund receives a budget change request in a timely manner. Those funds cannot be assigned for use by other claims if the Fund does not receive a budget change request for a reduction in funds from the original claimant. Unused annual site budget moneys that are not re-assigned to other claims result in under-expenditure of the FY 12/13 Fund Budget. Unexpended funds cannot be used the following fiscal year, but must be formally requested through the State budget process for re-appropriation to the Fund for use a minimum of two fiscal years later.

Request for Increased Budget

The Fund anticipates that budget change requests will exceed the amount of money available for the FY12/13 Fund Budget.

Content of Budget Change Request

A budget change request consists of:

  • Budget Change Request Form – The form includes instructions for submittal of the entire budget change request. The FY 12/13 budget change request form, including instructions, has been posted on the Fund website. The form includes a signature block for the claimant to certify that they are requesting a change to the approved FY 12/13 site budget. All sections of the form must be completed to be accepted by the Fund for review of the request. Failure to complete any section will result in the form being rejected by the Fund for lack of information.
  • Justification – The justification should include a brief explanation of the reason the increased budget is needed, such as: change of category, new regulatory requirements, Fund error on the initial budget, etc. In most cases, sufficient justification can be provided in a few sentences.
  • Budget Breakdown Form – Excel spreadsheet showing the budget estimate including the additional work. 
  • Remediation Information Form – This form should be included for claims where there is either proposed or active remediation. In these cases, the Fund staff needs to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the system including design, operation and maintenance and whether the associated costs are likely to be reasonable and necessary. [Note: The Fund will request submittal of updated Remediation Information Forms as supporting information for future Reimbursement Requests for sites where remediation is proposed or ongoing in order to determine reasonable and necessary costs for reimbursement.]
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    Submittal of Budget Change Requests

  • The budget change request should be submitted by e-mail. The e-mail must include the budget change request form, a brief narrative justification, a budget breakdown spreadsheet, and, if there is proposed or active remediation at the site, the remediation information form.
  • The subject line of the email should include the claim number and region.
  • The e-mail should be sent to: USTCleanupFund (at) waterboards.ca.gov. • Emails submitted to this email address will receive an email confirming receipt. The Fund cannot guarantee either receipt of or response to budget change requests submitted by other means.
  • Only one budget change request should be included in each e-mail. Claimants with multiple claims should send one e-mail per claim.
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    Timeframe for Submittal of Budget Change Requests

    The Fund strongly encourages claimants to submit budget change requests (including the budget change request form and all supporting documentation) as soon as possible.

    Timeframe for Action on Budget Change Requests

    The Fund plans to begin reviewing budget change requests for FY 12/13 during August 2012. The Fund’s goal is to have assigned the funding available for budget changes to claims by January 2013. No budget change requests to increase budgets will be approved after April 1, 2013.

    Budget change requests require review time and assessment regarding the availability of funds. The Fund will post on the Fund website approved budget changes on a monthly basis.

    You might also want to view the original UST Cleanup Fund Program Update Letter dated July 25, 2012.