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USTCF Budget Allocation – Frequently Asked Questions

Effective July 1, 2011, all active claims in Priority Classes A, B, and C were placed on an annual budget. The Fund determines the type of cost (Old Cost” or “New Cost) based upon when the costs were incurred.

What happens if my consultant runs over the allotted budget? Will money be available for cost overruns?

Can budgeted costs incurred in one fiscal year be rolled over into subsequent fiscal years?

If allocated budgets for fiscal year 2011/12 are exceeded, will exceeded costs be paid from fiscal year 2012/13 funds before site budget allocations are calculated for the next FY?

What happens if a claimant spends more money than budgeted for a site, and how is the Fund handling this? How and when does the Fund intend to reimburse the overage?

Will costs outside the scope of the budget be reimbursed?

What costs will the Fund pay for sites that are in the Site Closeout category?

Can I submit old costs on the same spreadsheet with my new costs?

Does the date of the invoice determine how the Fund will treat/pay for the costs?

Must invoices for old costs be dated prior to July 1, 2011?

What is the likelihood and projected payment date for old costs?

Why didn’t I receive my full requested budget amount?

Can I appeal the budget amount I received?

I was assigned the wrong budget category, how can I fix this?

If the budget category is changed for the claim, will the budgeted amount previously approved be automatically modified?

When a claim is issued a budget that is less than the amount requested, does the approved amount have to be amongst specific tasks? Can the remaining amount approved for one category be allocated to another budget category?

I share costs with another claim, shouldn’t we have received the same budget amount?

The budget I received for my claim will exceed the $1.5 million cap; can I still get reimbursed for the amount in the annual claim budget?

I am a School District and I don’t have a budget, why?

Can I appeal non-payment of costs related to budget?

Will the Fund continue processing RRs for non-budgeted or “old costs”; and issuing “pending” letters?

Will the Fund still accept costs submitted on the old spreadsheets?

The annual budget process began on July 1, 2011 – what about old costs that were incurred before that date, how are you handling these costs?

Can I submit a reimbursement request with old costs if it is under $10,000?

Is there a deadline for old costs reimbursement requests to be submitted?

Does the Fund consider a company truck transporting field sampling equipment and tools unreasonable and unnecessary?

Will the Fund reimburse for large one-time copying costs?

Does the Fund have an opinion regarding the time frame of when the budget allocation is spent at a site? Does it matter if the claimant uses up the budget in 3 months or 12 months?

Is the Fund going to stop reimbursing all markup charges?

The August 15, 2011, letter regarding the designation of reasonable and necessary reimbursable costs are different than the Fund’s current Cost- Guidelines, which one do we use?

Will utility invoices that are split between FY 2010-2011 and FY 2011-2012 be considered old or new costs?

Will reports written in July 2011 be considered an old or new cost if they are using sampling and analysis work completed in FY 2010-2011?