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USTCF Returning Reimbursement Request Packages with Insufficient Invoice Information

The California UST Cleanup Fund Program has released an update (January 31, 2013) in regards to Returning of Reimbursement Request Packages that are Lacking the Required Invoice Information. Existing law requires various information be included on invoices submitted to the Fund for reimbursement.

The October 16, 2012, UST Cleanup Fund Program Update outlined certain Fund process improvements, and contained an expanded discussion of these requirements. One of these improvements is the return of Reimbursement Request (RR) packages containing invoices that do not meet the requirements found in Fund Regulations section 2812(d).

Upon receipt, the Fund evaluates RR packages for completeness and, if necessary, returns them within one week so that deficiencies can be corrected. Returned RR packages can be re-submitted with the required information for Fund review.

Consistent with the procedures developed in conjunction with the UST Cleanup Fund Task Force, these returned RR packages receive a new date, so timely re-submittal improves the payment processing time. On a case-by-case determination, some RR packages may not be returned due to certain insufficient information, such as newly activated claims that have incurred costs. 



The following is the relevant regulation found in Fund Regulations Section 2812(d): (d) Reimbursement requests must include invoices and auxiliary documentation that demonstrate to the Division’s satisfaction that the corrective action and regulatory technical assistance costs claimed by a claimant are eligible.

Invoices must include, at a minimum, all of the following:

  1. A brief description of the work performed;
  2. The date when the work was performed;
  3. The consultant’s or contractor’s name and address;
  4. The name or initials of the person performing the work;
  5. The job classification or title and hourly rate of the person performing the work;
  6. The hours charged for each task per day;2812(d)(6)
  7. The cost amount of the work performed; 2812(d)(7)
  8. If the invoice is for telephone calls or meetings and is submitted to support a request for reimbursement of regulatory technical assistance costs, then the invoice must identify the subject of the telephone calls or meetings and the person contacted; and
  9. If the invoice identifies typical overhead costs (such as clerical support, copying costs, postage costs, and telephone costs) as distinct costs, then documentation should be submitted explaining why these costs are not included in the billed rate.


For further information about other issues affecting the return of RR packages, see the document titled, “Reasons an RR package will be returned”