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Top 10 Reasons why the USTCF is Returning RR Packages

The  UST Cleanup Fund (USTCF) recently published a list of  the Top 10 Reasons why they are Returning a Reimbursement Request (RR) Package to Claimants.


All invoices are required to contain the information listed in Fund Regulations (section 2812(d)). If all requirements are not met, the Fund cannot make an adequate assessment of the costs being requested for reimbursement. Furthermore, appropriately completed documents and pertinent information are required in order for Fund Staff to determine costs are reasonable and necessary and approve payments.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in RR packages being returned to the claimant for correction. The claimant may resubmit the RR package for consideration by submitting the missing information.

RR packages may be returned for the following 10 reasons:

  1. Reimbursement Request (RR) Form:

    • Missing RR Form: The RR Form is a required document needed in order for the Fund to accept an RR package and release the payment.
    • Use of outdated version of the RR Form: The Fund sends two copies of the current RR Form with every payment that is issued to the claimant. The current version is dated August 2012.
    • Incomplete RR Form: The RR Form needs to be completed in its entirety for the Fund to accept an RR package and release the payment. The RR Form MUST contain a wet signature by the authorized person(s) and the amount requested for reimbursement. RRs for reimbursement of remediation costs must include a completed Remediation information Form.
    • Altered RR Form: Entries should only be made to the form in the area indicated as “Section to be Completed by the Claimant”. The Fund will not accept any RR Forms that have been altered from its original format or where corrections have been made. Should a new form be required, contact the Fund at: USTCF (Payments [at] waterboards.ca.gov)
  2. RR Spreadsheet:

    • Missing Spreadsheet: Each RR package needs to include a spreadsheet that chronologically lists each invoice with the costs requested for reimbursement. The most recent version of the spreadsheet can be obtained on the Fund’s website.
    • Use of outdated version of the spreadsheet: The spreadsheet allows the Fund to track expenditures according to work phase. The current version is dated August 2011.
  3. Invoices:

    • Missing Invoices: Each RR package must include invoices for costs being requested for reimbursement. The invoices are necessary for Fund Staff to make a determination of the eligibility of cost.
    • Chronological Order: Invoices need to be submitted in chronological order by invoice date. This assists Fund staff in reviewing the documents in a more efficient manner.
  4. Out of Compliance: If a site is out of compliance with the regulatory agency for any reason (i.e., GeoTracker uploads, Notice of Violation, etc.), the Fund will not accept an RR package until the deficiency is resolved.
  5. Outstanding Accounts Receivable: Any over-payment or outstanding proof of payment will result in an Accounts Receivable with the Fund. The Fund will not accept any RR packages for a claim with an active Accounts Receivable until the deficiency is corrected.
  6. Suspension of a Previous RR Package: If a claim has an RR that is currently suspended, the Fund will not accept any future RRs until the issue is resolved and the suspension is cleared.
  7. RR Package Submitted Less than 30 Days: Per Fund Regulations, the Fund will not accept an RR package if it has been submitted less than 30 days from the previous RR package.
  8. RR Package Requested Amount is Less than $10,000: Per Fund Regulations, the program will not accept an RR package if the requested amount is less than $10,000. However, there are exceptions to this regulation (i.e., monitoring only, site closeout, and final RR package ). RR packages that are submitted for less than $10,000 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Inactive Claim: The Fund can only accept RR packages submitted for reimbursement if the claim is currently in active status. Claims on the Priority List that have not received a Letter of Commitment cannot receive payment.
  10. Claims closed by the Fund: To request a claim to be reopened, you must submit a completed RR package and a Request to Reopen Form. The Form and instructions can be found on our website at: Request to Re-open a UST Cleanup Fund Claim. Requests to re-open a claim will be reviewed by Fund staff on a case by case basis.