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How do I add FPNs and well construction data?

Field Point Name File – Preparing & Uploading Instructions

  1. The upload file will allow you to add field point names to a given facility or to multiple facilities.
  2. To create the upload file, open a text editor such as Notepad.
  3. You may enter as many field point names/facilities as you need to report.
  4. Each line of the file should have the following fields:
    • Global ID (REQUIRED)
    • Field Point Name (REQUIRED)
    • Responsible Party Facility ID (optional)
    • Field Point Description (optional)
    • Field Point Class (REQUIRED) – must be one of the listed valid values
    • Depth – From top of casing to top of screen in feet (REQUIRED FOR WELLS)
    • Length of Screen in feet (REQUIRED FOR WELLS)
  5. The fields above must either be separated by commas or tabs. If a field is left blank, you still must enter a tab or comma for that field.
  6. Delete the first row of the spreadsheet if it contains the column headings. Column headings are not allowed in the submitted file.

Example of a Tab Delimited Field Point Name (FPN) File

T0600000001,MW-1,FACID01,Description for MW-1,MW,10,2

Example of a Comma Delimited Field Point Name (FPN) File

T0600000001	MW-1	FACID01	Description for MW-1	MW	10	2
T0600000001	MW-2			MW	12	3
T0600000001	MW-3	FACID01		MW	9	4
T0600000001	MW-4