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Geotracker Frequently Asked Questions

This is the old Geotracker Frequently Asked Questions page, the new Geotracker FAQ page can be found here

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Table of Contents


1. What is GeoTracker? Where do I start?

2. Finding facilities / Global ID #s in GeoTracker

  • 2.1 What is a Global ID#?
  • 2.2 What is meant by the term “CLAIM” a site, facility or a Global ID?
  • 2.3 Facilities with multiple GLOBAL ID#s, which one to claim and upload data to?
  • 2.4 Changing a facility name in GeoTracker
  • 2.5 Correcting a facility address in GeoTracker
  • 2.6 How do I get new permitted UST facilities into GeoTracker?

3. Who is involved and what roles do they play?

  • 3.1 Responsible Party (RP)
  • 3.2 Authorized RP Agent
  • 3.3 Contractor
  • 3.4 Laboratory
  • 3.5 State Water Resources Control Board
  • 3.6 Lead Agency Case Worker (Regulator)
  • 3.7 Access to client’s site by a CONTRACTOR or LABORATORY. What to do?
  • 3.8 Single vs multiple GeoTracker Accounts

4. Data collection and application of Valid Values

  • 4.1 What is a “LABCODE”?
  • 4.2 What is a “LOGCODE”?
  • 4.3 What is a “SAMPID” and what is it used for?
  • 4.4 How to report DUPLICATE samples?
  • 4.5 How to Report STOCKPILE and COMPOSITE samples?

5. Pre-upload Process overview

  • 5.1 Claiming and getting access to a facility in GeoTracker
  • 5.2 Authorization form for RPs with multiple sites
  • 5.3 What is a “Field Point Name (FPN)”?
  • 5.4 How do I add FPNs and well construction data?
  • 5.5 When do I upload the FPNs?
  • 5.6 How do I change, delete or add a FPN?
  • 5.7 What is the Maximum field length for FPN?
  • 5.8 What is a “ZIP” file?

6. Uploading of data and reports

  • 6.1 Uploading Data – Summary of steps to upload data to a site
  • 6.2 What is an “EDF”?
  • 6.3 How do I create and upload an EDF?
  • 6.4 Is there a specific name convention for EDF deliverable text files?
  • 6.5 Where can I obtain the COELT program
  • 6.6 Does vapor sample analytical data have to be included in EDF uploads?
  • 6.7 What are GEO XY, GEO Z, and GEO WELL files?
  • 6.8 How do I create and upload GEO XY, Z, or WELL files?
  • 6.9 What is a GEO MAP file
  • 6.10 Can I submit more than one GEO MAP to a site (GLOBAL ID)?
  • 6.11 Do old monitoring wells need to be surveyed?
  • 6.12 Can I make corrections or additions to an uploaded file?
  • 6.13 GEO_BORE: The Bore Log File
  • 6.14 GEO_REPORT: The Electronic File of the Complete Report

7. Common ERROR messages during data upload

  • 7.1 “Incorrect number of fields” (GEO files)
  • 7.2 “Value is not valid” (GEO files)
  • 7.3 “Unspecified errors” (EDF file)
  • 7.4 “Download Errors (Comma-Quote Delimited Files)” (EDF File)
  • 7.5 ERROR MESSAGE: “this file is not a zip file”
  • 7.6 ERROR MESSAGE: “invalid global ID/field point name”

8. Regulators’ roles and related issues

  • 8.1 Regulator screens, managing cases and receiving of ESI data.
  • 8.2 How do I obtain a Regulator’s Username / Password
  • 8.3 As a Regulator, how do I relocate a site in the GeoTracker?

9. Miscellaneous

  • 9.1 Is there a “log out” button on the GeoTracker site. Is it strictly on a timed-out basis?
  • 9.2 What is the distinction between search queries run for LUFTs and USTs sites?
  • 9.3 Are we required to upload work plans if they have no data associated with them?
  • 9.4 Is the time spent uploading data/reports to the GeoTracker reimbursable by the fund?
  • 9.5 Access to GeoTracker by Water Agency (Purveyor)

Electronic Submittal Of Information (ESI) FAQ (PDF – provided by swrcb.ca.gov)

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Electronic Submittal of Information Esi Faq