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Environmental Acronyms and Definitions commonly used by SWRCB and LOP



  • CSV – Comma Separated Values (also known as comma/quote delimited)
  • EDD – Electronic Data Deliverable
  • EDF – Electronic Deliverable Format
  • ESI – Electronic Submittal of Information
  • GIS – Geographic Information System
  • GPS – Global Positioning System
  • LOP – Local Oversight Program
  • LUST – Leaking Underground Storage Tank
  • RP – Responsible Party
  • RPA – Responsible Party Agent
  • SWRCB – (California) State Water Resources Control Board
  • UST – Underground Storage Tank
  • VVL – Valid Value List


These terms have been defined by the SWRCB and are presented (“as is”) for your reading convenience. In a few instances, standard industry terms have been added for additional focus and emphasis.



Responsible Party (RP)

;The Responsible Party (RP) is the owner or the operator of a facility who may be the party legally responsible for cleanup of an unauthorized release or the permittee for an operating site. The RP is legally responsible for submission of compliance data and the authenticity and accuracy of any electronic data submitted by individuals that they have authorized as their agent to have access to their site on the GeoTracker system.

The RP has two primary electronic reporting responsibilities:

  1. “Claiming” the sites they are responsible for and submitting electronic compliance data.
  2. Authorizing secondary access to allow a CONTRACTOR or LABORATORY to submit compliance data on their behalf for an individual site.


Authorized RP Agent

The Authorized RP Agent (Auth_RP) is an individual or organization to whom primary electronic reporting responsibilities for a specific site (GLOBAL ID) have been delegated to by a Responsible Party (RP) who does not have Internet access or does not wish to perform the electronic role of RP.

The consultant who acts as an Authorized RP Agent must obtain a username/password as an Authorized RP Agent. This same username/password can be used for all RP clients they may have. Access for upload to a specific site (GLOBAL ID) is granted on a site by site basis.

The Authorized RP Agent logs onto GeoTracker and “claims” the site(s) they need to upload to. When a site is claimed, it is added to the Authorized RP Agent’s “Pending Facilities” list. Before the SWRCB grants the Authorized RP Agent full access to the site (i.e. before it is added to their “Associated Facilities” list), the SWRCB must receive via fax or regular mail a fully completed (including the RP’s signature) “Electronic Authorization Form” for each site.

You can obtain the form by going to GeoTracker Homepage, scrolling down to the section “Forms”, and then to “Authorization Form”. RPs may revoke this Authorization by signing and faxing or mailing the “Revocation” form which is available next to the Authorization form.


Contractors are often hired by RPs and Authorized RP Agents to collect samples, perform groundwater measurements, survey locations and elevations and/or manage data for their facility or cleanup site. If their client wants them to, a Contractor can also upload data. To do so, the Contractor must first have a GeoTracker username/password as user type Contractor.

Since a username/password can be used for multiple clients, the Contractor does not need to obtain more than one username/password. It is important that before attempting to search for and claim a client’s site, a Contractor should first check with their client to verify that they have already claimed the site and are now associated with it.

  • The first reason for doing this is that a Contractor can only find sites that have already been claimed by at least one RP or Authorized RP Agent.
  • The second reason is that even if a Contractor is able to find a site in GeoTracker they must be sure that their client is associated with it (there can be more than one RP and or RP Authorized Agent associated with a site). Otherwise, the Contractor’s request to be associated with it will not get approved since other RPs or Authorized RP Agent won’t be expecting the Contractor to request the site. 

Once the Contractor has verified their client is associated with the site, they should then log onto GeoTracker and, using “Request Additional Facilities,” search for and claim (Add) the site. They should then let their client know right away so the client can log onto GeoTracker and approve the Contractor’s request (the SWRCB does not approve or deny a Contractor’s request for access).



The Laboratory is responsible for sample analysis and providing the RP, Authorized RP Agent, or Contractor with both a hard copy report and EDF formatted electronic data. Each laboratory must obtain a unique GeoTracker identifier called a LabCode. This code must be included in all EDF submittals to GeoTracker. The LabCode can be obtained by calling the Arsenault Legg EDF Help Desk at 1-800-506-3887. In some cases, the RP may wish to have the laboratory submit the EDF data directly to GeoTracker. To submit EDFs directly, the laboratory must first apply for a username/password as a Laboratory (if they do not already have one), log onto GeoTracker, and, using “Request Additional Facilities,” search for and claim (“ADD”) the site to their “Associated Facilities” list (see the above instructions for Contractor for more detailed instructions). Their request will be approved or denied by the RP or their Authorized RP Agent for that site. Typically, RPs do not want the laboratory to be responsible for directly uploading the EDFs to the GeoTracker system. Rather, the laboratory will forward the EDF to the RP/Authorized RP Agent/Contractor who will review the files (e.g. to ensure the sample FPNs and site GLOBAL ID are correct) before submission to the GeoTracker system.

State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB)

SWRCB is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the GeoTracker system and its successful use by all entities involved with soil and groundwater contamination issues. The SWRCB is also responsible for approving RP and Authorized RP Agent requests for upload access to sites / facilities. Further responsibilities of the SWRCB include providing guidance and tools to standardize the review and quality of ESI data and reports submitted (i.e. uploaded) to Geotracker and maintaining user accounts for RPs, consultants, and regulatory agencies


Lead Agency Case Worker (Regulator)

The lead agency case worker or their delegate “receives” the electronic data. Normally, they verifying that the hard copy report has been received and that the FPNs in the EDF match the names in hard copy report. Once the data is “received” it is then moved into the GeoTracker archive database and made available to the public.