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About Us

We have successfully uploaded thousand of reports to GeoTracker (including: GEO_Report, Geo_Well, EDF, Geo_XY, Geo_Z, Geo_Map, Geo_Bore & FPN files) providing services to environmental regulated sites throughout the state of California.


We are managing the ESI requirements (for environmental regulated sites) in these Californian cities (past & present sites)

About GeoTrackerPro.com

GeoTrackerPro.com is a site aimed at RP (Responsible Party), RPA (Responsible Party Agent), Environmental consultants, Environmental Laboratories, Land Surveyors and general public offering a verity of solutions for each audience.


For RP (Responsible Party) and RPA (Responsible Party Agent)

Looking for help with uploading ESI data onto GeoTracker? our mission is to help individuals and consultants alike with their various Electronic Submittal of Information (ESI) Compliance needs. We offer a Turn-key management solution. GeotrackerPro can verify compliance with SWRCB (or LOP) Geotracker ESI regulation.


For Environmental consultants, Environmental Laboratories, Land Surveyors

GeoTrackerPro offers a suite of tools (some tools are still in a closed beta testing phase) as well as an on-line tutorial section. We also offer updates (via our blog) to keep you up-to date with any changes in regards to the California SWRCB GeoTracker ESI requirements (or of any new developments/regulations that may transpire).


For the general public

GeoTrackerPro offers an easy way to find the site you are looking for as well as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about the California SWRCB GeoTracker. Please feel free to check out our FREE on-line tutorial section.


Want to get in touch with us to learn how GeoTrackerPro can help your company? Please Use the contact us form or call us at (949) 732-0084.